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Production line in my mini sweatshop. In stock @bristolcolab later this week! #craftmystitchup #getyourcrafton #ankara #kikoi #africanfabric #africanprint #clutch #clutchbags #purse #instagood #picofthefay #photooftheday #bestoftheday #african #kenyan #etsy #handmade #handmadeatamazon #fashionaccessories #gifts #bristolcrafts #etsyinbristol #modernafrican #etsyshop #etsyseller #supporthandmade #makersgonnamake #handmadeisbetter

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Making my own wedding dress – bodice and shoulders of the toile are done. A couple of minor adjustments but it’s coming together! (Full disclosure – I’m getting a LOT of help from my dressmaking teacher) 👰🏾 #craftmystitchup #handmade #sewing #dressmaking #bristolcrafts #instagood #picofthefay #photooftheday #bestoftheday #supporthandmade #makersgonnamake #handmadeisbetter #weddingdress #handmadewedding

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Rube Goldberg Device – the great escape!

Watch this video then watch it again while grinning like an idiot because it’s so cute!

This Rube Goldberg machine was made for Japanese educational TV show PythagoraSwitch.

The little red ball rescues his friends who are trapped and then they all escape together from the baddies.

Vertical Garden Planters

I made an attempt at making a terrarium once but it all fell apart after a mysterious mould ruined all the plants.

Clearly more successful than I is Kim Fisher. She has an Etsy shop that sells these exquisite creations that make beautiful wall art.

The half-enclosed 22-inch hanging wall planters specifically designed for succulents and air plants.

See the rest on Etsy or the website:



Children’s drawings transformed into real toys

This melts my heart and it’s such a good cause.

IKEA has been running the Soft Toys For Education campaign for 12 years, but for the first time they will be creating toys based on children’s drawings. One dollar or one euro from each purchase will go to UNICEF and Save The Children.

Click here to find out more: IKEA

Thymeo, 4 years old, Belgium


Koen, 10 years old, Netherlands


Albert, 7 years old, Romania


Terrence, 6 years old, Malaysia



An origami a day keeps the doctor away!

Cristian Marianciuc came up with a modern twist on a traditional practice:

“I decided to start a different kind of diary at the beginning of this year. Every day, I fold an origami crane and using it as a blank canvas, I describe my day through colours, shadows and everything that surrounds me.

It has helped my creativity a great deal, and it has also become somewhat of a daily ritual.”

As something who dabbles in origami I absolutely love these – very inspirational.

Premonition crane

‘Cristian and the cranes’ crane

Obscure glimmer crane

Unfurl crane

Don’t wake me up crane

Braided crane

Wire me to your heart crane

Ghost wings crane

All photos courtesy of Cristian Marianciuc


An alternative to the wedding guest book – sign a quilt!

I love a wedding, any of my friends will tell you that.
One of my favourite ideas (seen at my friends Sam and Anna’s wedding) was a typewriter and paper instead of the wedding book… least it was my favourite until now!

Guests at the wedding of Amanda and Steve were invited to sign pieces of fabric that would
be stitched into a wedding quilt. I can’t explain how much I love this idea – major “yoink” potential!



Images courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes via Apartment Therapy.

How many buttons would it take to create a hanging sculpture?

Thanks to lovely Ray-Ray for bringing this to my attention.

Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel creates these astonishing 3D sculptures using buttons suspended on strings.

I can’t even begin to think how much time, trial and error and patience this would take. (not to mention buttons!)

See the rest here.

Augusto Esquivel balloons sculpture Augusto Esquivel cube sculpture Augusto Esquivel harp sculpture Augusto Esquivel piano sculpture

Images courtesy of Augusto Esquivel.

Knitta please – Julia Gillard rules!

Julia Gillard in The Australian Women's Weekly

I’ve just seen a piece in the Guardian from yesterday about Australian PM Julia Gillard.

For all those ridiculing her knitted kangaroo, how about we focus instead on the fact that this lady runs a whole country but still finds the time to knit!

Val McDermid put it perfectly:

“Never underestimate a knitter. How much creepier does it get than sitting by a guillotine, working the names of the dead heads into your plain and purl? The Australian media and politicians who have sneered and jeered at PM Julia Gillard for knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby have no idea what they’re messing with. Respect the knitters, I say. We are tough, we are ruthless and we know how to bide our time.”

Macaroon purses

So last weekend my friend Emilie came to visit for a few days of crafty fun.

Our plan was to make our own version of these lovely coin purses, and although we managed it, it was hard. Really hard.

We ran all over town collecting the supplies, but we had to compromise on the buttons. The pattern calls for the self-covering buttons, which we found but we could only find the type with “teeth”.

This turned out to be a huge problem because by the time you have your outer fabric, batting and the zip it was impossible to snap the two bits of the buttons together. So in the end we cheated and glued them in.

The end result isn’t bad for a first attempt but after almost 12 hours straight hand-sewing these things, I don’t think I could face doing any more. There are rumours of bigger buttons, which would make this much easier so if I find those I might consider it.

Macaroon coin purse

I know my absence has been long and unexplained, and I apologise.

The last few months have been shockingly chaotic: I moved house from one end of the country to the other, I lost a family member, I changed jobs, my cat died. I could go on…

Anyway, I’m back and ready to pick up crafty stuff where I left off.

This weekend in fact my friend Emilie and I will be making these adorable coin purses that look just like macaroons! And the best part is that there’s no machinery required!

See the rest of the pattern here.

The Knitted Hotel Room

The Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton features a room called “Do Knit Disturb”. The room features a lamp, duvet, toothpaste and toothbrush, telephone cover and matching curtains, a traditional English breakfast and a do not disturb sign.

The room was created by artist Kate Jenkins who spent two and a half weeks knitting or crocheting each item.

Book now to avoid disappointment!