Macaroon purses

So last weekend my friend Emilie came to visit for a few days of crafty fun.

Our plan was to make our own version of these lovely coin purses, and although we managed it, it was hard. Really hard.

We ran all over town collecting the supplies, but we had to compromise on the buttons. The pattern calls for the self-covering buttons, which we found but we could only find the type with “teeth”.

This turned out to be a huge problem because by the time you have your outer fabric, batting and the zip it was impossible to snap the two bits of the buttons together. So in the end we cheated and glued them in.

The end result isn’t bad for a first attempt but after almost 12 hours straight hand-sewing these things, I don’t think I could face doing any more. There are rumours of bigger buttons, which would make this much easier so if I find those I might consider it.



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